Draw 2 Success!

My goal for my learning project over the long weekend was to successfully make a nice sound come out when I play the 2 draw on my harmonica. It is a notoriously difficult note to play for beginner’s, and there are many You Tube videos directed at just the 2 Draw hole. I watched video after video with no success. My guru Gussow  doesn’t have tutorial videos for beginner things such as the 2 draw, so I have had to look elsewhere. I ended up doing a Google search for “why is two draw so hard” because I was so frustrated that I couldn’t make a sound. It was just laboured air. I found this article on Harp Surgery. Harp Surgery appears to be the everything of the harmonica world. I skimmed the article and focused on one thing:

Imagine sipping froth from a mug of very hot chocolate. Go ahead, pretend to do it now! Where’s your tongue? You need to disengage your tongue the same way with draw 2 and breath from the diaphragm. Remember we need low air pressure. Alternatively, imagine you are holding a small potato, or a hard boiled egg, in your mouth. Your tongue retires down and back. And again the focus should be on breathing through the harp, while pulling from your diaphragm and chest.

I tried doing exactly what they said, and voila! A sound came out. I was stunned. After days of trying tricks and tips from other You Tube videos, this one trick worked!

This just proves that success when learning from online sources is very subjective to the accuracy of the source. Many of the videos I was trying out were from random people that I can’t verify. This is definitely a risk a person takes when learning something new online! For standard beginner tips and lessons, I think I will stick to sources such as Harp Surgery, or other very commercial, professional sources. For the specific songs or tricks that I want to learn, I think it is ok to use the random sources, but it’s always important to look at them with a critical eye.

Here is living proof that I can now make draw 2 on a C harmonica sound half decent.


7 thoughts on “Draw 2 Success!

  1. Richard Taylor says:

    Hello from The Harp Surgery! I’m really glad you found the post so helpful and thanks for the acknowledgement. I hope to publish some videos very soon. If you encounter any more obstacles, let me know – I might have a solution. Top tooting to you. Richard Taylor

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  2. Tanya (@tmweller) says:

    Thank goodness through due diligence you found Harp 2. Awesome that you shared your blog with him. Looks like you have a mentor now. I am finding that I need to search ‘high and low’ for information that I can follow and that is not long and drawn out.

    Are you going to learn the ‘cupping’ technique before the class is done? Or is that too complicated?


    • Kim Bateman says:

      Tanya I may get to the cupping technique. But who knows?! I think I will be focusing more on sound right now than fancy tricks. I didn’t actually share my blog with Harp Surgery, they must have gotten a pingback when I added their URL to my post! Kinda cool!


  3. bloozhead says:

    Hi Kim, I’m so sorry – three years later and i’ve only just seen your question about 6 draw. I imagine you’ve solved this by now. Let me know how you’re fairing. Perhaps you’d like to visit my free weekly Harp Surgery Beginners Zoom session and share your discovery with a few others? Richard T :0)


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