I’m a Belieber!

I wasn’t sure what I should learn next on my harmonica, so I went to YouTube to see if I could find some inspiration. Through YouTube I’ve been able to find a few great teachers and their respective websites which have really helped me produce a good sound.

This time, however, I came across this award winning harmonica duo called Aiden N Evelyn from Malaysia and they have introduced me to the pop world of harmonica! They do covers (click the link if you’re not sure what a cover is) of popular songs and upload them to YouTube. From what I gather, these 2 also do private Skype lessons, but don’t have any free harmonica tutorials or lessons uploaded at this time. Besides their YouTube channel that has videos with over 2 million hits, they also have a website. It think they’re kind of famous!

Now, I happen to be a Belieber. What is a Belieber, you ask?

I found Aiden N Evelyn’s cover of Love Yourself  by Justin Bieber! I’ve inserted it here for your enjoyment.

This video also made me curious about that giant harmonica you can see Aiden playing. I have never seen that before! I did some searching online and found out it is a chord harmonica which you can buy at Long & McQuade in Regina for a meager $1225 in case you’re interested. It produces 48 chords with it’s 192 holes. To put that into perspective, the harmonica I’ve been learning on has 10 holes.

I’ve learned so much about the different sounds of harmonicas from binge watching Aiden & Evelyn. Personally, I enjoy the sound of the lower keys, but I just have a regular C harmonica that is recommended for beginners. Maybe some day!

I went searching again to find a tutorial video for the song, and came across this hilarious kid. She put up a video of her “playing” Love Yourself by Justin Bieber on harmonica. Have a little listen and you’ll see why it’s hilarious! Be ready to be blown away by young talent!

Side note: This girl looks even younger than Amanda Todd was when she experienced severe cyber bullying and you can see a YouTuber commented “ur eyes r too beautiful….”.  Everything I see online will now be look at with a different lens.

Stay tuned for some Belieber action of my own on harmonica!


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