I Guess I’m not a Belieber

So the internet has failed me and I can’t find a tutorial of how to play any Justin Bieber songs on my harmonica that are at my skill level or on the C harmonica that I have. I found one French guy who would allow me to access the tabs for Love Yourself, but only if I wanted to buy a premium account. That’s what I gathered anyways, since I don’t speak French and everything in his video was French. But the word premium must be the same in English and French, because I saw it. Am I right Jordan or anyone else who knows French?

Instead, I decided to go with a classic by Frank Sinatra. “Fly Me To The Moon” inspired by this YouTuber I found who played it beautifully as a beginner.

I found the tabs for it on my trusty Harp Tabs website, and the YouTube Karaoke music to play along to here. It was a little fast and took a lot of practice to keep up! Overall, I’m not happy with the way that the song sounds, but that doesn’t matter! I’m sure my neighbours are so happy that I stopped playing my squeaky high notes and it’s not the product that matters here anyways. Although Frank Sinatra might think differently…

giphy sinatra


I did an audio recording this time to try out a new app instead of a video. I found the app by searching in my Google Play store for an audio recorder with lots of stars and good reviews. Good reviews are a great way to find the best tech tools!

I was going to insert the audio recording here for you to listen to, but it will not work! At first I thought because it was a .m4a file, so I converted it to .mp3, but I get the message below. I guess it’s your lucky day! It really was an awful recording.


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