3 Hours Later…

My task for ECMP 355 this weekend was to try out coding. Now, I used to have a blog in my teen years and I recall hours of late night searching online for help to personalize the HTML coding on my blog layout. I used to mess around with the HTML coding and get stuck in a never-ending, buggy-eyed state that always left me feeling grumpy.

I started my project around 7:30 p.m. this evening with a light snack of dry Reese’s Puffs because I wasn’t hungry for supper. Almost 3 hours later…I have a Scratch game! And my game is coded successfully, I would say. It has a timer and a score board, and a reset button to set the score board back to 0. Now I am hungry. And by hungry, I mean HANGRY.

When someone becomes irritated, angry, or cranky when they haven’t eaten and are hungry.
Allen: I hate you and I want to punch you.
Randy: Why are you so angry with me?
Allen: I’m sorry, I haven’t eaten since breakfast so I’m just hangry, bro.

Watch my videos below that I made with Screencastify to see how I got started, and how I overcame some problems I was having while trying to code my “Save the Squirrels” game.

When I was looking for help, there seemed to be a lot of Scratch users on the internet. I was able to find this video to help me put a timer on my game, and unknowingly, it helped me in other ways too! I also found this video that showed me how to make a reset button for my timer.

This was a bit of a trying project because it took a lot of time, attention, and energy from me. I feel like using this in the classroom would take extensive amounts of teaching the students how to use it. To start out I would personally get to know how to make a small project really well, and have the students work in pairs or small groups to re-create the same project. I did notice there is an area on Scratch’s website that is specifically for Educators. There are resources and teaching tools that would help introduce this as a learning tool for students.

If you would like to see my masterpiece, check it out below, and try to save some squirrels from drowning! You have 60 seconds to use the arrow keys to move the cloud back and forth to catch the squirrels. Comment to the left once you have your score! Let’s see who can get the highest!

Click here to play Save the Squirrels!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go have a snack before I get even hangrier.


4 thoughts on “3 Hours Later…

  1. TanyaⓋ (@tmweller) says:

    That is a feat, completing this in three or so hours. I have been working on mine most of yesterday and today. I am glad that I am finished. Are you going to upload the “Save the Squirrels’ game to your post?

    Although Scratch looks juvenile, it is quite a difficult program to master the basics. There is n embed button on the project page of your game if you want to consider having the game right on your blog page.


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