“Tweet Tweet” Said the Bird

So in my online perusing this evening, I realized that my Twitter account is on the verge of having 100 followers. I am also coming up on my 100th tweet! 100 just seems like a really exciting number! twitter

My goal for the rest of the semester is to get to 100 followers. I know I will be able to reach 100 tweets, because it won’t be a problem for me to find 9 more education articles to tweet about. The internet is a gold mine! But how to find more twitter followers…I found these tips and tricks to get more followers. While reading, I soon found out that I am quite the amateur tweeter. Ankit Singla, who wrote the post, started off by saying this:

You just opened up a twitter account, most probably out of curiosity or when making social accounts for your website. In the first month, you got over 30-40 followers by inviting friends and adding contact list from your phonebook to your account. You also happened to manage more 15 followers by aggressively promoting your twitter account across Facebook, Google plus and follow me I will follow back schemes (It’s no bad but pains, even I did it at some stupid point of my life).

I realized that I had not even done these first steps that he mentioned are beginner steps! I don’t think I have ever shared my twitter handle of google+ or Facebook! I have some work to do!

Follow me and I’ll follow you back! See the sidebar for my handle. giphy


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