Sleuthing: Possible or Impossible?

This week I decided to sleuth my friend Janeen Clark who is a teacher at Balfour Collegiate. I asked her permission and then started Googling her. Since I know her well, I had assumed I wouldn’t find very much about her online and knew I would have to use my Kim Possible super sleuthing skills. So much so, that I felt like a stalker the more I dug in deep.

I found out some basic career information on her page on the school website.  She teaches English, AP English, and Performing Arts.  Her name came up in a few news articles about her past Musical Productions she directed while teaching at Balfour. I also found some prior students of hers who had mentioned her online as her mentor or inspiration for their current roles in Musical Productions. One of them was from an intern Janeen had in 2009 while she was teaching at Winston Knoll Collegiate. All of the mentions were positive and she seems to be a well-respected teacher.

An interesting place I found her was on Rate My Teacher, but all of the information was very out of date. There were 31 ratings from before 2012 and she had 4.43 stars out of 5.

As far as social media goes, I wasn’t able to find her on Facebook at all. I logged out of my own Facebook account so Google wouldn’t know we were already friends, and even using my super sleuthing skills, I was unable to find her. Her privacy setting must be on point! I even tried searching her parents, one of her sisters, and one of her cousins by name to see if I can find her on Facebook through them, and I was unable to find any of them without being logged in. However, she was very present on Twitter. Her account is mostly focused on events and happenings at Balfour, including sports events and special days. She re-tweets a lot of the school related posts, and once in a blue moon she tweets about something she is personally interested in.

I would say Janeen is an under-sharer of personal interests as well as professional interests. I say this mainly because I can’t find much about her personal life online. Her professional interests show me she is interested in Performing Arts and basically anything her school has going on, since she re-tweets much of that. However, there isn’t much else!

Overall I sense she is a well-liked teacher, and I would be honoured to be her student or to hire her. This may be because I know her personally and I know her academic standards are very high; my opinion may be biased because of this. If I was an outsider looking in on her world online I probably wouldn’t have enough information to make a fair assumption. Sleuthing Janeen: barely possible!

Thanks for Reading!

Kim Possible, Out.



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