Bend it like Bateman

*edit: I had the wrong video! If you watch the video below it is now showing my bending!*

I discovered what a real bend is! I thought I was bending notes before, but apparently I was just using vibrato. I found JP Allen on You Tube, and I really like his style of teaching. In his videos, he gets the learner to try it along with him, and gives time for learning. I learned more watching and participating in his videos than I have the past two weeks. Pretty cool! I used this one to learn how to bend notes.

Learning a few techniques is really making me feel good about my Harmonica skills.
giphy-downsized It just proves that learning from the internet can actually be successful. In the past I’ve tried to learn guitar and ukulele, but I always give up after trying a few things, getting sore fingers, and settling on being a less than mediocre musician. This project is great because it is forcing me to keep practising and trying new styles and new techniques. I originally was aiming for blues riffs, but I may see if I can find a bluegrass or country feel that I like. I haven’t yet found my harp niche! It will come soon, I’m sure of it!

Check out my video below to hear how to “Bend it like Bateman”!

4 thoughts on “Bend it like Bateman

  1. Tanya (@tmweller) says:

    I think having your own sound come forth is similar to a writer finding their voice. This only comes with lots of practice. I am finding that being accountable is a great tool for success in whatever we attempt. We think we are practicing enough, reading enough, cooking enough until we need to prove it.

    I notice that your notification of comments is not on.

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    • Kim Bateman says:

      Hmm, that is strange. I just logged out and tried to click on them and it let me tick the boxes off. Not sure what’s going on from your end! I’ll go check my settings to make sure everything looks ok as well. Thanks!


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