Tweets and Treats

So I’m discovering that Twitter is useful for me as an educator as long as I’m following the right Tweeters. The past couple of days I have been scrolling my feed looking for helpful articles or useful links from an educational perspective. Unfortunately I’ve mostly been finding Regina Farmers Market treats and pictures of geese in Regina’s Wascana Park. These are all neat things for a Regina local to see, but for me looking to use Twitter as a PD tool as an educator, I was looking for a little more substance than a Do Si Donut or a Strawberry Rhubarb cider from Living Sky Winery.

Thanks to Katia and #saskedchat last night, I am now following some wonderful educators with quality education related tweets! Scrolling through my feed today was a different story than it was yesterday. I now see articles and blogs with neat resources, such as this one I found from Classroomqueen.  It features 5 of the best digital storytelling apps for kids. I may just have to use one of these apps for my final reflection for ECMP 355.iPhone Screenshot 1

I’m intrigued with Tellagami, but the link took me to the itunes store, and I use Android. I’ll have to do some further investigating for Android apps!


Thanks Twitter!


2 thoughts on “Tweets and Treats

  1. jingo035 says:

    Hey Kimberly — great post! What stuck out to me was your impressive number of hyperlinks. Your post really sucks the reader in and allows him or her to explore a number of different places on the Internet. I definitely didn’t feel limited or confined to just your page. Thanks and great work!


  2. Tanya (@tmweller) says:

    I agree with JINGO035. You do have a really good website. Customization games are lots of fun…just ask my early teen daughter. 🙂 Introducing us to quality educators and others is a gift from our professor. Isn’t it marvelous?


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