Harmonica Blues

I have officially started my Blues Harmonica training! I found a different Youtuber with instructional videos than I originally was planning to use, because this new guy is just really entertaining and I want to be entertained. Here is a link to Gussow, the Blues harmonica genius!

I do, however, have a bit of the harmonica blues. I need to check out another video (as recommended by Gussow) to learn how to draw on hole 2, because I really can’t make hole 2 sound good at all. It’s apparently a really common and tricky problem for beginners. That will be my next video!

I documented my first bit of learning on a video. Here is how I am doing so far!


4 thoughts on “Harmonica Blues

  1. simpsola says:

    I love this!! I have never thought about the technical side of things to play the harmonica! I have to say you are doing quite good! Looking forward to see how you progress!


  2. Amy says:

    Sounds awesome! Haha, “hmm, doesn’t quite sound right, let me try again” You’re so into it, I love it. Good luck, Kim!


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