Tin Sandwich

I have decided to learn how to play the harmonica! Or tin sandwich, or mouth organ, or whatever else you may want to call it. My dad got one as a gift back in the ’50’s, and he told me I could borrow it. After taking a look at the 60ish years of germ-infested slobber that has built up on it, I decided to take a trip to the local music store and spend $10 on my own. I think it’s a great investment! Mine is the tiny one on the bottom.


I found a great, easy to follow guy named Mitch Grainger with a Youtube channel that has step by step lessons that will have me playing rockin’ blue riffs in no time! I am so excited to get started. Although I’m sure  my fellow apartment-dwellers may not be so excited.

I can currently make sounds, but they don’t sound good. I have no technical understanding of the harmonica, and I’m excited to see if I can make it sound good!

Here is what Mitch tells me my lips should look like. Pretend you’re eating a sandwhich, he says. It’ll look cute, he says. #not

Stay tuned for some not-so-in-tune learning videos!




4 thoughts on “Tin Sandwich

  1. Molly Yungmann says:

    What a cool idea! As a child I had a harmonica and would always play around with it. I would blow as hard as I could to get some horrible sound to come out of it that sounded as from from music as you could imagine. I look forward to hearing your progress. Definitely not something you hear or see people doing everyday. Good luck!


    • Kim Bateman says:

      I don’t really have a song in mind, but I’m aiming more just to sound good playing some really bluesy harmonica riffs. I hadn’t thought of picking a song, but I may have to look up some Walk Off the Earth songs, because I’m pretty sure they use harmonica often.


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