Feeding my Feedly

I went back to my Feedly account, which I was introduced to during #rbeappyhour when I first started University. I haven’t used it since then, so it was about time to feed my Feedly with some awesome (and current) content!

I found some great content by searching #education under sources. I found all sorts of blogs and websites with fantastic teacher resources. One of my favourites is an RSS feed called Edutopia RSS. From there, I found some other great stuff under “You Might Also Like” on the right hand side. I found Kleinspiration, and especially like this post on how technology changes how our students feel about learning. Kids are immersed in technology these days, and what better way to relate to them or to engage them, than to use technology! (disclaimer: I believe they also need lots of non-tech time too)

I also found that the more I follow, the better the recommendations are for me. They seem to be fine-tuned to pick up on the topics that I like, and give some good reading offerings. There are just links here, there, and everywhere with fantastic things to read, but where do I get the time?!



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