Self-Proclaimed Expert

I like to consider myself an expert in technology. And not necessarily an expert in that I could work at Google or anything, but I can totally Google anything I need to find out.


I used to have a personal blog that I started in my teens to keep up with out of town family members. I no longer use that blog but I have used this one since my first year of university. I actually really enjoy blogging and find writing to be a bit of an outlet for all sorts of suppressed things that I can’t say in real life. And if you know me at all you will laugh at that—I have no problems saying what I’m thinking.

I have also used Twitter, but I find it time consuming to keep up with the news feed. However, I am looking forward to the great teaching resources I will likely find there in the next two months during this class. Follow me on Twitter and we can get to know each other!


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