Today was my last day teaching at Arcola until next March! Today came with it’s challenges, but it was also wonderful.

With the morning Kindergarten group, my lesson didn’t happen until after recess which also meant after snack time. Today was also their ice cream celebration, and Chloe and I also brought them rice krispie treats to celebrate our last day. Needless to say, they were hyped up on sugar and had a lot of energy!

My lesson today was using mini whiteboards and flashcards. I taught the students that when we write we always have spaces between words so that what we write makes sense. I started by writing two lines on my own white board. The first line had words together with no spaces, which I read to them very fast and got some giggles out of them. Next I read properly spaced words to them, and I really feel like they understood why spaces between words are important.

Next, I had them copy words from flashcards onto their own white boards and asked them to make sure they put spaces between the words. Although I believe the students all understood what I was talking about, putting that understanding to practice was another task all together! This turned into printing practice for many of the students, and the concept of spaces seemed to be lost. (As you can see from the pictures!) I still believe this lesson proved to be a valuable beginning literacy session, and although I feel like they did not necessarily learn any knew knowledge, they were still learning about written language, which is so important in Kindergarten!

“F” in the red shirt is working so hard to learn English, and was doing a great job copying the letters! This is the first time she has done that!

“A” has a visual impairment and is doing the same activity, using his braille printer!


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