Pre-Internship Day 7

Amazing Exhaustion

This week I had the opportunity to go on a field trip with my Kindergarten classes to Agribition. The students have been pre-working with farm animals and getting excited about what they would see for a couple of weeks now.

Let me tell you, 5 year old children can sneak away faster than you can blink! Regardless of the constant scanning of crowds and calling of names, I had an amazing time. It was so inspiring to see young learners exploring and taking in the new sights and experiences. The look of awe on some of their faces made my day. I wish it is possible to take the students each back on their own to let them explore further what they were specifically interested in. Each one of them seemed to be drawn to a different area where they wanted to stay and explore, but unfortunately we had to keep moving. There was one little boy that was absolutely enthralled in the First Nation pow-wow dancing and music, but we barely had the chance to see it! He would have watched it all day, I’m sure.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to witness a field trip first hand in my pre-internship. There are so many details that the teacher needs to take care of, and I have now witnessed those! Getting permission slips (including translating them for some parents), booking a bus, gathering money, getting snacks and water bottles, making sure the students use the bathroom BEFORE getting on the bus, and so much more.


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