No, I don’t have a ring on my finger. But the students in my class were so engaged in the activity I did and I could tell they were learning! It was a great day.

I was teaching the students how to rhyme, and how we know rhyming words based on what they look like. They were totally engaged with trying to find the matching words and come up with their own rhyming words. They thought it was so fun to say lots of words in a row that rhymed and they kept giggling.

I found it really interesting how the students who I thought would do great at this activity were having some troubles, and then the ones I thought might struggle were doing great. I definitely saw how some students are visual learners and could match up the letters that are the same on word endings and some could only rhyme by using their own words out loud. Seeing this made me learn so much about different types of learners.

There were also some students who were so particular with their perfect cutting that they ran out of time to do the actual rhyming. If I were to do this activity again I would find a way to adapt it for all learners to make sure everybody gets the opportunity to do the content of the activity I planned.

Next week is Agribition and I am so excited to experience a field trip with the students!


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