Pre-Internship Day 5

The Good and Bad of Technology

This week I decided to incorporate technology into my lesson. There were some problems, but the students were engaged and having fun!

My co-op teacher said she used to have computers for the students to use, but this year she only has a smart board they can book time for, as well as a projector in the classroom that she hooks her laptop up to. She has not had a chance to use the smart board with the students yet this year, so I thought I would try it out.

I was working with groups of 6 students and had chosen a few literacy games for them to take turns with. I had the first group sit on the ground and quickly found out that was not going to work. The students inched closer and closer and made it very difficult to keep all of their little fingers off of the smart board. When the next group came out we used chairs lined up in front of the board and that proved much more successful!

Another challenge I had was technical difficulties. One of my more energetic students, “E”, was getting frustrated at one of the tasks and she started frantically touching the board with all of her fingers, which prompted another student or two to do the same thing and the system froze. I had to restart the smart board and get set up again, which took away from instructional time.

As well as that difficulty, in one group there is student named “Y” who has a tough time not being distracted during group work. He does so well when I work with him one-on-one, but unfortunately that is just not reality in a full kindergarten class. While it was not his turn on the smart board, although I had placed him in the chair beside me, he managed to unplug the smart board cords from the computer which caused some more instructional time to be lost. I even made sure he had a fidget to keep his hands busy, but he got away on me!

There is another little guy named “J” who is usually not engaged in the class activities, and usually refuses to participate. During my lesson he was so excited to participate and although he was unsuccessful choosing the correct letters, when he did choose the last option left and the computer say “Hooray! You did it!”, he had the cutest little proud grin on his face. Using the smart board was fun and exciting for the students, and they were totally engaged. Despite the few glitches, I would still use the smart board again due to the reaction of the students and how much they were engaged in the lesson.


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