Pre-Internship Day 4

Such a mess!

My lesson this week involved Kinders using bingo dabbers for the first time. That means that they made a mess! Despite the instructions and constant reminders of how to use them properly, there were still students who ended up making a big soggy, inky mess. By the end of the day my hands were stained blue and red from helping them out! However, I wouldn’t do anything differently. At the time I was thinking that I should not have done it, but in reality I know that they won’t learn unless they try new things. Part of being a kindergarten teacher is allowing messes to happen, which might be hard for me! So much of me wants to do controlled, clean activities, but I know there is also a time and a place for messy fun.

This week I really felt the relationship building with the students. I am finally getting the students’ names down, and the students are remembering my name! I’m beginning to get a sense of each student’s abilities and interests, and am able to give them one-on-one attention during my lessons specific to their learning needs. I love being able to teach small groups so that I can learn how to do this on a smaller level first, and then move up to bigger groups later.

This week Chloe and I also taught a Phys. Ed. lesson. In Kindergarten that means playing games and constantly reminding and rounding up small children. It made this day especially exhausting!

Although I’m so exhausted at the end of Wednesdays, I still LOVE IT! It’s nothing that a nap can’t fix.


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