Pre-Internship Day 1


My heart was touched today. I was tired by the end of the day, but the little ones in my morning and afternoon Kindergarten classes (36 of them!) hold a place in my heart now!

As much as my schooling has told me not to, I went in assuming things. I went in today  forgetting that some children don’t have two parents and a loving home. I forgot that not everybody can see clearly out of their eyes. I forgot that not all children have people to bring them to school. I forgot that not all children have food at home. I forgot that not all children can speak English and know what is going on around them. I forgot that not all children have shoes to wear and a warm jacket. I went in knowing that I should know these things and now I know that it is more than just knowing. It is undoing my automatic replies and actions.

My co-operating teacher demonstrated such care towards the children in her classroom. One little girl didn’t have shoes that fit her, and my co-op got her bucket of spares that her own children have out-grown and found the little girl a new pair. A little boy came up to my co-op and said he was hungry, so she had snack time right then instead of later, and gave him more because she knew he probably hadn’t had anything to eat  yet today. A little boy is blind, so the co-op described each image as she read the class a story, meanwhile jumping around and acting it out. So much love!

Teaching is so much more than just teaching. I am so glad I have the privilege of getting to know the little Kinders and I am so excited to see their bright faces again next week!


One thought on “Pre-Internship Day 1

  1. victoriaahowe says:

    Kim, I just loved this.. It touched my heart. Really it is so important to be reminded of all those things. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. You’re going to do wonderfully 🙂


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