Pre-Internship Preamble

Tomorrow marks my first pre-internship field experience! There are many different feelings running through my head. I’m excited but yet very nervous.

Chloe and I visited our school today and met our co-operating teacher who has had many years of experience, and is going to be a rockstar example for us! After meeting her and seeing the classroom space I got excited again and a little less nervous.

The school is pretty new and has an open concept to it. They are still working out the kinks though. As you can see from the pictures, the library is open to everything! They’ve added on portables and new classrooms this year, and are still bursting at the seams.

The classroom is a nice space with lots of different areas. There is a kitchen area, a play and exploration area, blocks, a big sink with a water table that she changes out the experiential activities on, a carpet area for circle time, three table areas spread out throughout the classroom, and a private washroom. There is a lot going on in a little space, but I am so excited to see it filled with children and see how the classroom functions.

Tomorrow Chloe and I are doing an introduction for a total of 6 times throughout morning and afternoon Kindergarten. From what it sounds like, we will usually be doing 15 minute lessons during centre time working with 6 students at a time and rotating.

Wish me luck, and that I don’t get sick with something worse than the cold I already have!


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