Letter To My Coop

So this is just my first draft. I’m sure I’ll be tweaking and changing it, but here is my first go at an introduction letter for my pre-internship Cooperating Teacher! I am so excited to start some lesson plans and get some real-time practice!

Dear Cooperating Teacher,

My name is Kim Bateman and I am very excited to be your pre-intern this fall. I was born and raised on a farm North of Regina, and now live in the city. I am a prairie girl at heart! I am the youngest of four kids, and I have eight nephews and nieces that I spend much of my free time with.

Straight out of high school I found an office job, and before I knew it I had built an eight year career. Sitting at a desk is not where my heart is, and I decided to follow my heart and I got accepted into the University of Regina primary Education program. I am now going into my third year, and have loved every teaching experience I have been given so far. I love spending time around children, and I have been told many times that I am a natural born teacher.

Whenever I spend time with children I find myself in awe of how much they teach me. I aspire to be the teacher, but in reality I am constantly reminded by them that there is a two-way street of learning going on between the teacher and the learner. I enjoy the perspective that children bring to an experience, and how they impact my adult perspective.

I am excited to gain confidence through the pre-internship experience. I have volunteered with children and visited elementary classrooms many times throughout the two years of the program, but I am looking forward to the professional development this experience offers, as I view myself as a life-long learner. I am hoping to learn and gain experience in classroom management and practices, as well as have some fun with this experience.

I already value this experience, and trust that you and I will be able to work together throughout my pre-internship journey to create a positive and knowledge-filled outcome. Thank you in advance for this opportunity, and I look forward to meeting you and your students.


Kim Bateman


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