Summary of Learning

Below is a video with a brief summary of some of the things this class prompted me think about this semester. Not everything we talked about in this class is reflected in the video, but it’s just some of my personal thoughts. In my video I didn’t mention hidden curriculum specifically, but I mentioned my view on ‘norms’ with my family as an example. I also blogged about that here, which you are free to read as well. A pretty good portion of what we talked about in class was always linked back to common sense, and what we view as common sense in reference to Kumashiro. I also wrote about this in my blog, but did not cover it in my video. If you’d like to read what I have to say, you can go here and here. The ideas I wrote about there relate to my video when I briefly mentioned the good student and the good teacher. This class is supposed to be about curriculum, but I found that I got much more than that out of it. I was challenged to reconstruct my thought process in relation to curriculum, but also in relation to many other aspects of my life. Racism, place, common sense, etc, and just in general, my view on how I’m going to teach.


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