Treaty Education

I am at a point in my education that I understand why Treaty Education is important, and why it must be taught in schools. However, I find in most of my classes the point is emphasized, and we’re asked to make lesson plans including it, but we aren’t actually shown how to do that properly. I thought Claire’s presentation was amazing. I learn so much from seeing how active teachers use the curriculum in their own ways. To me, hands on learning is the best type of learning, and being able to see how Claire teaches was inspiring. She made it seem easy and effortless, even though the subject is daunting to me. I really appreciate how she showed us it is okay to make mistakes by using herself as an example. She left us with applicable teaching resources and examples to help us teach what so many teachers leave out and deem unimportant.

Something else that has been on my mind, is that us pre-service teachers are being asked to teach about treaties, and to be honest, I hardly know what they are. I didn’t learn much about treaties in school, and I don’t feel educated enough to teach what little I know to anyone else. In high school I took a class called Native Studies, and I don’t recall anything that Mr. C taught me. All that I remember is him sleeping at his desk while we watched the movie Cool Runnings for the 3rd time in a row, and then him cramming in the last 2 weeks of class and me almost failing the exam.  I am not a history buff, and have never been interested in history, so part of the problem might be that learning about history has no interest to me, so I don’t remember any of it. Now as an adult, I see the importance of teaching the history of what actually happened in Canada. And the importance of teaching that from a young age in order to restore our nation and it’s true history, starting from the ground up. Something I think would be really helpful and useful is if there was a required class that taught us actual Treaty Education content that is applicable to the prek-5 program. It would make me feel much more comfortable and competent going forward as a teacher.


2 thoughts on “Treaty Education

  1. Kaila says:

    Kim, I liked your post. I agree, that so far in our program we have been lead along a very vague path towards implementing Treaty ED. Claire certainly was more helpful though in giving us an actual example. Maybe in 3rd year when we delve more into lesson planning we will be introduced to more examples and resources on integrating this topic.


  2. bauche2l says:

    I feel as though I am daunted by this requirement of incorporating treaty ed as much as you are, Kim! I also know very little about the subject and even though it may not be a valid excuse, I am terribly afraid of offending people or making mistakes. I LOVE how Claire incorporated her mistakes into her presentation. I think it helped make her more relatable and made her lecture even more outstanding. It gives us pre-service teachers some peace of mind, knowing that it is in fact okay to make mistakes. You will learn from them, survive, and move forward. Our whole educational journey will be a learning curve and we will all benefit from it!


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