A Constant Process

As a young person in school, I didn’t pay attention to the curriculum at all. I’m sure it has shaped my knowledge in some way, but I don’t recall even thinking about the fact that the teachers were required to teach me certain things. Now that I am in University, I see the affect the curriculum has on a teacher, and it affects how I think about my teaching. Looking back, now that I am aware of curriculum, I had some pretty amazing high school teachers that used a lot of creativity within the curriculum, which I will be able to draw from and use as great examples.

Hidden curriculum that I will have to be cognizant of personally, is the many “norms” that have been present in my life. In my adult life I have become aware of many of these “norms”, and have attempted to challenge them in order to be a better person, and now, a better teacher. One of these is my idea of family and personal relationships. I have always viewed my family, the typical husband and wife with kids, as the normal family. There is no history of divorce or separation in my family, no premarital children, lots of love, they are church attenders, and are society’s typical nuclear family. When I see people who deviate from that, I consider them not normal. I think that this type of family is not the “norm” anymore, and in order to include all my students, and be sensitive to their needs, I need to get over my ideas of the normal family.

The family is just an example of many items of hidden curriculum that I need to focus on. But since I view relationships as highly important in my classroom, I think the family is something that I need to keep front and center as it is the starting point to any relationship. I have definitely challenged my “norms”, but I still have lots of work to do, and it seems like it will be a constant, never ending process.


6 thoughts on “A Constant Process

  1. jocelynsmart says:

    Hey Kim!
    Your connection to viewing a certain type of family as your own was a great example of the hidden curriculum. I too, found myself deviating my family as the ‘norm’ when that is not the case. Good for you for challenging these commonsense ideas! You’ve challenged me too to think about these issues in greater detail.


  2. jasminekorpan says:

    I like your discussion about the norms and how we automatically view deviations as not normal. I too was the same, especially coming from a middle class, all white small community. Through my experiences, I have been able to become more cognizant but I do still find myself quick to judge at times. I agree it is an ongoing process, but as long as we are self aware, we are still working towards avoiding negative teachings in our hidden curriculum.


  3. kellycruse says:

    Great post! I to stem from what you call a “normal” family, and even though I definitely have my personal thoughts on how I want my relationships to be, I definitely need to challenge that when it comes to having a class full of children who stem from their families. I need to understand all relationships and families and educate myself on all my students needs as well.


  4. bauche2l says:


    I very much enjoyed your post here. I always thought the exact same about families and what was considered to be a normal family and also what was not. I believe that I thought this because my family was “normal” at the time so it was easier to see it that way. Recently, there has been a large ripple put into my family life and my family no longer fits the traditional family criteria. It has become more aware to me now how some people may feel when their version of the family is not represented in everyday life and occurrences. I now know how people must feel when they are not considered to be “normal” and I definitely plan to take this awareness and empathy with me to use in my future teaching.



  5. janinewilliams95 says:

    I really like the personal connection you made to your family since it makes the hidden curriculum more evident and relatable! It makes me think of what other affects the hidden curriculum has had on me and how I need to be aware of that as a future teacher so the effects will be positive ones for my students.


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