Exploring Ecoliteracy- A Poem


My Dad’s hands and his last harvest before retiring.

A poem about my Dad.

Walk With Me
By Kim Bateman

The frosty grass crumples under your boots
The icy breath of the wind whispers your name
She breathes life into your soul
And pleads with you to walk

As you adventure into the untouched wild
You find peace in the stillness
You feel the energy of nature
And carry a silent conversation with her

The hill weeps with natural springs
And you water your garden with her tears
You befriend the fawn that gingerly steps into view
And feed the birds nesting in your tree

You sanction the cycle of life
A gift from your Creator
You yearn to discover the secrets of the valley
And pass them to your children and theirs

Almost unconsciously your heart heeds the call
Seeds fall to the soil from your hands
New life sprouts from the ground
The hungry are fed with your harvest

Giving, sustaining, and maintaining life
She binds your heart and becomes your identity
Father, Grandfather, friend, farmer
Lover of the natural world

Time and time again
You answer the beckoning of the wind
“Walk with me” she says
And because you’ve breathed her in―

You go.


The valley my Dad walks in, and has inspired me to walk in.


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