CP #1: If the Earth Could Speak

WIN_20150916_122150I think that if the earth could speak it would likely say “Save me!” I completed this creative journal entry before I read the assigned articles, but once I read “What is Education For?” by David Orr (2004) the first paragraph struck me. WIN_20150916_125239In just one day the earth loses 116 square miles of rainforest, and 40-250 species. In one day, the human population increases by 250,000, and 15 million tonnes of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Now multiply that one day by 365 to get one year. And multiply that one year by 10 to get a decade, and so on. Those numbers are extremely high!  I don’t know how long the earth is going to be in existence; for all I know, it could spontaneously combust in three minutes. If the earth is going to be around with a human population for hundreds or thousands of more years, the numbers from Orr create a cause for concern.


Another doodle in my creative journal entry refers to who should be teaching the general public about the environment, and enabling change. I was challenged to think whether or not I am a friend who teaches my peers about the environment. I am not. For me, change is daunting. As a university student with a job, and a busy schedule, I quickly run out of time and energy. However, small efforts in large quantities can make a difference. With a simple toss into a blue bin, or bringing my lunch in reusable containers instead of baggies, change happens. Humans are social creatures, and we pick up on each others habits, good or bad. My goal is to make my environmental habits good, so I am not a participant in making the earth say “Save me.”


Orr, David. W. Earth in Mind: On Education, Environment, and Human. First Island Press. August 1994. Web. Sep.16.2015.



2 thoughts on “CP #1: If the Earth Could Speak

  1. karley Schwab says:

    Kim, this was a terrific blog post! I love that you display your thoughts with images, it really ties together your thoughts and points of reason. Not only are the pictures really engaging to look at while reading your post they are also very helpful when reading your style of writing. The David Orr article was a really good resource to provide examples and research from because he is right about a lot of staggering issues. How have you found yourself changing your everyday habits to better the environment? I know I have increased my use of reuseable containers! I hope you can find a way to educate your friends!


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